Kumite. Martial arts combat game.

Since I was a little kid, and it is another of my hobbies, I used to be enthralled with martial arts movies. Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme… they were my idols to mimic with all their techniques and charisma. Well, a few months ago I decided to develop a wargame that would simulate the fights from this movies (focused on the well-known Van Damme’s «Bloodsport»). We’re still on the final developing stage, finishing the lay-out and retouching some rules. But… I’m sure you will like it.


Real soon we’ll offer our ruleset totally free to download for whoever wants to give it a try, but for the moment we’ll briefly explain what Kumite is about.

Kumite is a miniature game that recreates KO fights between elite fighters from around the world. Each one of them using their own martial arts and trying to archive victory, so they can become world’s best fighter.

It is a combination of strategy wargame, boardgame and cardgame, taking some mechanics from each so it can become a fun system for the players.

It can be played as stand alone games or in a campaign as a Martial Arts Championship, where events will intertwine, telling the story of the fighters from game to game. It’s a game where all details have been taken into account, trying to make each game realistic and in a way you’ll never know what you will find in your next fight.

This game was conceived for having a good time, that is why good sportsmanship should be above competition at all times.

The main incentive about the game is that you can build your own character. It comes with a series of rules to make each fighter unique. Country, corpulence, attributes and more than 30 martial arts from around the world will help customize each fighter.

System is simple, based on number of successes, having to score higher than a numerical value on the dice, adding or subtracting the number of dice to roll.

It is played on a square based game mat, so it can be considered a «tactics» kind of game, where each character moves from square to square in up to 7 different Tatami (what every game mat is called).

But it doesn’t end here, because every fighter will use a 40 card deck, that you can build choosing from a total of 108 cards, each one of them a technique that can have a beneficial or adverse effect on the fighter. These techniques can make that same character chain a series of blows and make the crowd go wild singing his/her name.

There are also two kind of campaigns: World Championship, that is a Play-off system; and Arcade, based on 90’s arcade games.

Soon you will be able to enjoy this game, as it will be presented at the Hispania Wargames 2016; But until that moment… I can’t read any further.

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