First renders of the figures Zhao ‘The Dragon’ and Luke ‘Bear Claw’ for Kumite.

We’ve got the first pictures! Yes, friends, we already have the first two renders of the 4 miniatures that will be on the starter pack. They are the fighters Zhao ‘The Dragon’ and Luke ‘Bear Claw’, both designed by RN Estudio for our wargame ‘Kumite’. Want to know more about these fighters? We’ll tell you a little from their stories.



This Chinese fighter grew on the streets of a humble neighborhood in Canton city. Since childhood, he learnt the art of Kung Fu, Tai Chi and chinese boxing, proving to be agile and cunning learning new techniques, too complex for a kid of his age. As years passed, his skill grew and he began winning martial arts championships all around People’s Republic of China, becoming a great fighter in the style of his great idol: Jeet Kune Do. Now, he wants to prove that he is the world’s best fighter, facing the strongest rivals in any country.



Luke Morrison, former marine veteran, started practicing martial arts in his teens. Born in New Mexico, when his parents marriage fell apart, he moved with his mother to Detroit. Soon he started flirting with delinquency and her mother was forced to enlist him on the army academy, to get him away from the streets. During his military life, he started practicing Karate and Full Contact with his childhood friend, winning several national titles in both styles. He walked away from the army when he lost his friend during a strike mission in the middle east. Now he survives as a mercenary, and fighting in luxury fight circles.


This is just a preview of what is yet to come, because these are the first two of four. When the next renders are ready, we will share them with you. What do you think of them?

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