Kumite will have its own range of miniatures

After some consideration, and seeing that there is not a huge variety of martial arts miniatures, we decided to launch our own range of figures for our ruleset «Kumite».


This way, we give more personality to our ruleset, making it easier for everyone to access great miniatures for your combats. But… What company will be manufacturing our figures? RN Studio.
There are plenty of factors that made us chose this company, but mainly are the great terms for starting our little project and the quality of the figures themselves (as can be seen).
Design will be in 3D, so more quality can be archived. Fighters will be very different and they can resemble some great characters from action movies (that is merely coincidental). Material will be high quality resin, more difficult to be bent or broken. It will be presented in a plastic rigid blister so it’s protected all the way to your work table.
We’re still considering the price of each miniature, we won’t tell yet to avoid people getting disappointed, but what we can tell is that they won’t be expensive. There will be packs with exclusive and additional material that will be available for a reduced price.
We hope to be able to show you the first designs of our miniatures soon, so you can give us your impressions.

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