Renders of the next figures for Kumite: Estefano ‘Vendetta’ and Jacques ‘Dynamo’.

We proudly present to you the renders that complete our four initial figures that will be released very soon for our martial arts rulebook: Kumite. Along with our previous renders of Zhao and Luke, Estefano and Jacques join the team. We’re going to share their histories with you.



This Italian-american fighter, grew up in an orphanage in Chicago, because when he was only 5 years old, he lost his parents. His father, a Mafia boss that operated in the neighborhood, was killed alongside his family in a settling of scores with the Triads. But his life turned upside down when after 3 years a family with no children, well positioned in US politics adopted him. Soon after, they moved to Japan for business matters. In the land of the rising sun, his adoptive father worked as an ambassador meanwhile he tried to get used to the ways of that country. His adaptation was hard, but he sought refuge in Aikido, where is mind and body focused on the perfection and discipline of the techniques, evading that way the outside world. After some time, he became a Master, opening his own Martial Arts Dojo. But the murder of his family still inhabited his mind, the faces of their assassins marked with fire. He would find them and carry on with his vengeance. This is the reason that he looks and joins clandestine fights around the world. The ones he’s looking for usually join and bet in these fights.


Jacques Van Haas, was born in a middle class family in Berna, Switzerland. He was an average kid, skinny and suffered constant bullying from his peers due to his sociability problems and the fact that he was learning ballroom dancing. That made him the object of all jokes. Once tired of this constant bullying, he joined a martial arts academy where he learned Shotokan Karate Do and Full Contact; besides training really hard on the gym. Years went by and he became an specialist in high speed fighting with great speed and power on his legs. He managed to be Karate’s world champion several times, but he wanted more. He wanted to chase all those arrogant individuals and kick their asses. All those bullies that he still remembers; and what better place to find them than in the street fights.
And with these two fighters, you will have the first four characters that will be presented along with the game really soon. We aren’t stopping here, becase we’re already working on the next figures. What do you think of them?

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